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Jhurmut Linen Sari Collection

Weaving a saree out of linen yarn is a more laborious process than cotton or silk yarn. From the pre-loom process to the final sarce, the process takes anywhere from 15 to 60 days, depending on the weave, texture, and design.
Linen is a tough yam to weave on the loom- it breaks easily during weaving. There were a lot of initial challenges we faced while weaving a linen sari. Most linen sarees of the market are woven in 60 and 80 counts, but our linen sarees are woven with 100 and 120-count linen. 120-count linen yarn is a much finer version and tends to break easily. Each linen printed saree takes almost 3 months to get ready from weaving to printing to finishing