कस्तूरी कुंडल बसे, मृग ढूँढत बन माहि |
ज्यो घट घट राम है, दुनिया देखे नाही | |
Kasturi kundal base, Mrig dhoondhat ban maahi |
Jyun ghat ghat ram hain, Duniya dekhe naahi | |

The exotic fragrance of Kasturi lies in the navel of the Kasturi deer, unaware it runs through the jungle in its pursuit. Similarly, the divine presence of the supreme creator is all around us, yet we are unable to realize it.

What a magical and majestic nation Bharat is.
Incomparable, incompréhensible.
Mystical, mysterious, miraculous.

Spanning centuries of civilization...

The rich fragrance of traditional art tucked beautifully in every nook and corner, forming the very essence of India yet just like Kasturi deer we constantly peep outside and look up to the west for their accomplishments...